• A glass and cans of dark beer, with walnuts
  • Strawberry beer and popsicles
  • Orange beer glass and cans, with gavel

2Toms Brewing

Fort Wayne

About us

Actually, meet the 'One and Only Tom', Tom Carpenter.


The Story Goes…

After many Not-So Subtle hints, Tom’s Wife gifted him with a little one-gallon brew kit for his birthday. Knowing Tom well, she suggested that if he wanted to add brewing to his already long list of hobbies and responsibilities, he would simply need to drop a hobby or clone yourself.

Not one to give up anything, Tom named his home brew project, 2Toms as a tongue in cheek way that he had cloned himself. As usual, this project became a “Hobby Gone Wild” and in three short homebrew years 2Toms Brewing Company was born.

No longer a hobby, Tom and his Team’s dedication is to produce bold, clean, balanced and flavorful beer using the highest-quality ingredients while also exploring the many facets of what craft could be.

So, whether you want something traditional or pushing the boundaries of innovation, 2Toms Brewing Company has the beer for you.